TypeScript Weekly

Issue #155 — October 28, 2020

Fancy TypeScript Features for the Everyday Developer

In this talk, Josh Goldberg explores a few useful advanced TypeScript language features, including type narrowing, discriminated unions, keyofs, conditional types, mapped types, and (as of the next TypeScript version) recursive and template literal types.

Josh Goldberg

Type or Treat!

Halloween is around the corner! This week, the TypeScript team is running Type or Treat, a set of spooky TypeScript quizzes.

Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Finding Dead Code (and Dead Types) in TypeScript

How to use the --noUnusedLocals compiler option and the ts-prune tool to find and delete dead code and unused types in TypeScript.

Dan Vanderkam

Bringing It Back to TypeScript

Ben Ilegbodu joins Divya, Suz, & Amal on the JS Party podcast to talk about introducing TypeScript at Stitch Fix, why TypeScript and React work well together, building component libraries, and more.

Changelog — JS Party