TypeScript Weekly

June 1, 2018 — Issue #74

Announcing TypeScript 2.9

TypeScript 2.9 is out and ships with great tooling improvements (rename file, move declaration to new file, unused span reporting, …) as well as core language features (well-typed JSON, import() types, …).
Daniel Rosenwasser

ry/deno: A Secure TypeScript Runtime on V8

Ryan Dahl, the original creator of Node, recently introduced his newest project: deno. See what he did with the name? ;)
Ryan Dahl

TypeScript's New import() Types Feature Explained

import() types simplify importing types in any module system.
David East

In What Order Should I Start Adding Types?

When gradually starting to adopt types in a JavaScript codebase, where do we start adding types?
Gustav Wengel

TypeScript Enums Explained

This article explains TypeScript enums in detail: enum vs. const enum vs. declare enum vs. declare const enum.
Kat Busch
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