TypeScript Weekly

Issue #113 — October 22, 2019

TypeScript 3.7: A Twitter Thread

A detailed Twitter thread about the collaboration between TC39 and the TypeScript team, talking about all the work leading up to many features shipping in TypeScript 3.7: Optional Chaining, Nullish Coalescing, Class Fields, …

Yehuda Katz

Deno: A Secure JavaScript/TypeScript Runtime

At TSConf 2019, Ryan Dahl (the creator of Node.js) gave a talk about Deno: a new command-line runtime for executing JavaScript and TypeScript, built using V8, TypeScript, and Rust.

Ryan Dahl

TypeScript’s Conditional Types

In ~33 minutes, Gregor Woiwode explains how to use TypeScript’s conditional types to statically type various kinds of dynamic APIs.

Gregor Woiwode

Boris Cherny on TypeScript

Boris Cherny, author of “Programming TypeScript”, is on the Software Engineering Radio podcast and explains in ~50 minutes how TypeScript can scale JavaScript projects to larger teams, larger code bases, and across devices.

Boris Cherny & Nate Black

Compiling TypeScript via webpack and babel-loader

How to use babel-loader to compile TypeScript. This way, we can pipe the output of another webpack loader into it, something that ts-loader cannot do.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer