TypeScript Weekly

Issue #92 — March 25, 2019

Announcing TypeScript 3.4 RC

Faster incremental builds with the --incremental flag, better syntax for readonly arrays and tuples, const assertions, additional refactorings, and more!

Daniel Rosenwasser

TypeScript 2.9: Passing Generics to JSX Elements

TypeScript 2.9 added the ability to specify type arguments for generic JSX elements. This post illustrates why that is useful by implementing a Select component in React.

Marius Schulz

Why I Was Wrong About TypeScript

”In this talk we’ll discuss why I was wrong. Specifically, we’ll take a look at why TypeScript succeeded where other compile-to-JavaScript languages like CoffeeScript and Dart have languished, and what that means for future of the technology.”

TJ VanToll

Writing Readable Code with TypeScript Enums

This article explains enums from the ground up and illustrates how they are used in TypeScript. It also goes over const enums and discusses places in which you shouldn’t use enums.

Nwose Lotanna

Notes on TypeScript: React Hooks

How React Hooks can be typed with TypeScript.

A. Sharif