TypeScript Weekly

Issue #163 — February 2, 2021

Dynamic Static Typing in TypeScript

How to formalize the most dynamic JavaScript behavior using TypeScript in a way that we can catch most bugs before they happen.

Stefan Baumgartner

Fun with Advanced TypeScript

A 20-minute video diving into some advanced TypeScript concepts.

William Candillon

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Node.js with TypeScript and Express

A comprehensive “how-to” guide on setting up your own Node.js server written in TypeScript.

Todd Motto

How I Made My First Contribution to DefinitelyTyped

Have you ever wanted to contribute type definitions to DefinitelyTyped? Here’s how you can get started.

Iva Kop

Using CSS in React and TypeScript with Webpack 5

How to set up webpack for CSS-in-JS support in a React & TypeScript application. And as a bonus, a previous article addressed how to add ESLint to the mix as well.

Carl Rippon