TypeScript Weekly

Issue #116 — November 20, 2019

What are Declaration Files in TypeScript?

Declaration files are an integral part of the TypeScript ecosystem. However, many developers don’t work directly with declaration files since most major libraries have them bundled with the respective npm package already.

Charlie Greenman

The Introductory Guide to AssemblyScript

An overview of how AssemblyScript can help unlock WebAssembly’s potential using a subset of the familiar TypeScript language.

Danny Guo

TypeScript 3.7 Utility Types

An overview of various TypeScript utility types such as Partial<T>, Exclude<T, U>, ReturnType<T>, and others.

David Else

Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler

In this talk, Colin Eberhardt looks at some of the internals of WebAssembly, explores how it works “under the hood”, and looks at how you can create your own (simple) compiler that targets this runtime.

Colin Eberhardt