TypeScript Weekly

Issue #168 — April 22, 2021

Type-Checking JavaScript with the TypeScript Team

A 1h15m chat with the TypeScript team about type-checking JavaScript code.

Jean Yang

Migrating DevTools to TypeScript

How the team working on the Chrome DevTools at Google migrated the codebase from the Closure Compiler type checker to TypeScript.

Tim van der Lippe

Understanding TypeScript’s Popularity

Orta Therox from the TypeScript team shares his thoughts on why TypeScript became so popular. He gives an overview of its history important events, and he also talks about how TypeScript fits into today’s JavaScript landscape.

Orta Therox

Tricking TypeScript Into Typing Untyped JavaScript Modules

How to provide TypeScript type declarations for an internal untyped JavaScript module from a package.

Kamran Ayub

TypeScript + React: Typing Generic forwardRefs

How to type a React component that accepts generic properties and uses React.forwardRef().

Stefan Baumgartner