TypeScript Weekly

Issue #103 — July 23, 2019

Announcing TypeScript 3.6 Beta

The release candidate for TypeScript 3.6 is out and brings stricter type checking for iterators and generator functions, more accurate array spread, better UX around promises, and semicolon-aware code edits.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Types or Tests: Why Not Both?

A reasoned argument for how both types and tests can and should coexist.

Shawn Wang

Transform: A Polyglot Web Converter

An online REPL for converting various input formats to various output formats, such as JSON to TypeScript or Flow to TypeScript.

Ritesh Kumar

LogRocket helps you understand the root cause of bugs and support tickets in web apps or websites. Watch pixel-perfect video of what users experience. See console logs, network requests, application state, and browser metadata.

LogRocket (Sponsor)

Execute Program

Interactive code examples that help you solidify your knowledge of a given programming language. Courses currently include TypeScript, regular expressions, and JavaScript arrays.

Gary Bernhardt

Using TypeScript and ESLint with webpack

The fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin now supports ESLint rules. If you’re using TypeScript and webpack already, this is an way to check for lint issues as well.

Johnny Reilly