TypeScript Weekly

Issue #90 — February 11, 2019

TypeScript 2.8: Mapped Type Modifiers

With TypeScript 2.8, mapped types have gained the ability to add or remove a particular modifier from a property. Previously, it was only possible to add modifiers to properties, but not remove them.

Marius Schulz

TalkScript Episode 27: On the Roadmap Again

A breakdown of the H1 2019 TypeScript roadmap outlining Microsoft’s high-level plan for where they want the project to go.

Bryan Forbes / Neil Roberts / Paul Shannon

Pattern Matching Custom Data Types in TypeScript

How to use pattern matching to safely distinguish data types and handle all possible variations.

Alex Regan

Advanced TypeScript Tooling at Scale

A 25-minute talk about how TypeScript tooling works under the hood and how it can be combined with other tools in the ecosystem to make developers more productive.

Felix Becker

5 TypeScript Features You Might Not Know

A list of 5 TypeScript features you might not know.

Krzysztof Grzybek