TypeScript Weekly

Issue #107 — August 28, 2019

The --showConfig Compiler Option in TypeScript

TypeScript 3.2 added a new --showConfig compiler flag to the tsc executable. It calculates the effective tsconfig.json file and prints it to the console.

Marius Schulz

Understanding TypeScript’s typeof Type Guard

A 4-part series about TypeScript’s type guards which looks at the typeof, instanceof, and in operators as well as user-defined type guards.

Todd Motto

Polymorphic this Type in TypeScript

A short post on how to create and use the polymorphic this type in TypeScript.

Alfred M. Adjei

Symbiotic Definitely Typed

How to enable a good TypeScript developer experience for npm modules that aren’t written in TypeScript.

John Reilly

Typing Higher Order Components in React

React’s higher order components can be tricky to type. A guide on how to make it work using function components and propagation of generic type arguments.

Miłosz Piechocki