TypeScript Weekly

Issue #160 — January 5, 2021

Tidy TypeScript: Avoid Traditional OOP Patterns

An opinionated piece about various OOP patterns to avoid in TypeScript, such as namespaces and abstract classes.

Stefan Baumgartner

A TypeScript ValueOf Implementation

How to implement a generic ValueOf<T> helper type in TypeScript.

Stephan Meijer

Conversion to TypeScript: Lessons Learned from an OSS Maintainer

Emil Hartz shares some learnings after having converted a JavaScript OSS project to TypeScript.

Emil Hartz

Leveraging the TypeScript Compiler API

How to use various APIs of the TypeScript compiler to analyze your code and find potential issues.

David Gomes

Deno 1.6.0: `deno compile` Command

Deno 1.6.0 ships with a deno compile command that lets you compile a module into a single executable file.

Deno Team