TypeScript Weekly

Issue #175 — August 3, 2021

Optional Chaining: The ?. Operator in TypeScript

TypeScript 3.7 added support for the ?. operator, also known as the optional chaining operator. We can use this operator to descend into an object whose properties potentially hold the values null or undefined without writing any null checks for intermediate properties.

Marius Schulz

Write More Readable Code with TypeScript 4.4

TypeScript 4.4 ships with control flow analysis of aliased conditions. John outlines how this feature helps us improve the readability of our code.

John Reilly

TypeScript: Unexpected Intersections

Stefan explores intersection types which end up (maybe unexpectedly) producing the never type, and suggests workarounds for when that happens.

Stefan Baumgartner

Simple Monorepos via npm Workspaces and TypeScript Project References

Axel explains how to set up a monorepo (a single repository that is used to manage multiple projects) for two npm packages using npm and TypeScript.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Google Feedback on the TypeScript 4.4 Beta

Feedback on the beta release of TypeScript 4.4 from the team that is responsible for keeping Google’s internal software working with the latest version of TypeScript.

Hana Joo