TypeScript Weekly

Issue #167 — April 6, 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.3 Beta

The beta release of TypeScript 4.3 is out and brings support for the override keyword, truly private class methods and accessors, better import statement completions, and other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Using TypeScript Project References to Share Common Code

How to share types and functionality between multiple TypeScript projects using project references.

James Wallis


A repo with work-in-progress notes by Orta Therox, an engineer on the TypeScript team, as he learns more about the compiler and builds out tools for understanding the codebase.

Orta Therox

Build JavaScript Applications using TypeScript

A free TypeScript course by Microsoft: “Learn how using TypeScript for JavaScript development can help you build more robust code, reduce runtime type errors, take advantage of modern features before they are available in JavaScript, and work better with development teams.”

Microsoft Docs

Why Typescript and Svelte are a Match Made in Heaven

How TypeScript can make your Svelte apps more powerful, while adding confidence to the code you’re putting in production.

Sean C. Davis