TypeScript Weekly

Issue #179 — November 4, 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC

The release candidate of TypeScript 4.5 has been released. It implements the Awaited type which improves promise typing, introduces a way to override a specific built-in lib in a manner similar to how @types/ support works, and ships with many other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Type or Treat Challenges

The TypeScript team is posting code challenges every day that will allow you to dig deeper into the TypeScript language in a fun way.

Orta Therox

Use the Either Type to Make Your Code Predictable

The Either type is a data type that holds some value in a property called left or some value in a property called right, but never both at once, and never neither. How to define and use the Either type in TypeScript.

Anthony Manning-Franklin

Making Illegal States Unrepresentable in TypeScript

A talk about how to make illegal states unrepresentable in TypeScript, covering topics such as opaque types and type-level programming.

Юрий Богомолов

reduxjs/react-redux: v8.0.0-alpha.0

react-redux v8 has been rewritten in TypeScript, using the existing typings as a starting point.

Mark Erikson