TypeScript Weekly

Issue #193 — August 5, 2022

Extreme Explorations of TypeScript’s Type System

Developers have pushed the bounds of type operations possible in the type system to write some pretty incredible things — including HypeScript, a simplified implementation of TypeScript’s type system written in … TypeScript’s type system.

Josh Goldberg

What’s TypeScript compiling?

How to use treemapping to visualize which files TypeScript is looking at while compiling your code. You might be surprised what’s making it into your build!

Dan Vanderkam

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3 Things We Learned When Switching to TypeScript

Trivago recently migrated its core website, along with over 50 other domains, from a PHP & JavaScript setup to Next.js & TypeScript. Three lessons they learned along the way.

Tom Bartel

Extract Parameter Types from String Literal Types

How to parse and derive types from string literal types in TypeScript using template literal types.

Tan Li Hau

Curated by Marius Schulz
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