TypeScript Weekly

Issue #199 — February 24, 2023

Higher-Order TypeScript (HOTScript)

Type-level madness! A lodash-like library for types, with support for type-level lambda functions. This goes to show how powerful and flexible TypeScript’s type system has become over the years.

Gabriel Vergnaud

Blazing Fast Tips: TypeScript Utility Types

Between Pick, Omit, Exclude, Extract, ReturnType, and many more, it’s sometimes hard to know what TypeScript utility types are supposed to be used for. In 3 minutes, Matt guides you through the context you need to use these tools to their maximum potential.

Matt Pocock

The Complete Guide to Safe Type Narrowing in TypeScript

Various techniques for how to narrow the type of a value to a more specific one: from control flow analysis and built-in type guards to user-defined type guards and downcast functions.

Vladimir Klepov

Rewriting TypeScript in Rust?

An interview with Donny, the author of stc, who is rewriting TypeScript in Rust, hoping to significantly speed up type checking. An impossible challenge?

Donny & Matt Pocock

Anders Hejlsberg on Programming Languages

An interview with Anders Hejlsberg: his origin story; how he created TypeScript, C#, Delphi and Turbo Pascal; open source; his daily workflow; his thoughts on AI, Solidity, Rust, and more.

Aarthi & Sriram’s Podcast