TypeScript Weekly

Issue #172 — June 3, 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.3

TypeScript 4.3 is out and brings support for separate write types on properties, the override keyword, template string type improvements, and more.

Daniel Rosenwasser

What’s new with TypeScript?

Over the last year, TypeScript’s had a lot of work put into it to help build JavaScript projects at any and every scale. An overview of the new type system and tooling features.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Is Babel still relevant for TypeScript projects?

TypeScript has the ability to generate a JavaScript bundle using the TypeScript compiler. A discussion of the reasons for why you might consider using Babel and webpack for compilation instead.

Manuel Beaudru

rikukissa / typehole

A TypeScript development tool for Visual Studio Code that helps you scaffold static types for runtime values.

Riku Rouvila