TypeScript Weekly

Issue #138 — May 27, 2020

Introducing Snowpack 2.0

A build system for the modern web with built-in support for TypeScript and JSX.

Fred K. Schott

The Dangers of TypeScript Enums

Tips on how to use enums in TypeScript and some gotchas to watch out for.

Aaron Powell

What’s New in TypeScript 3.9?

@ts-expect-error, speed improvements, CommonJS auto imports, improvements in type inference, and more.

Chameera Dulanga

Unionize and Objectify

Two helper types for constructing complex mappings between object types.

Dan Vanderkam

adelsz / pgtyped

PgTyped automatically generates types and interfaces for your SQL queries by using your running Postgres database as the source of type information.

Adel Salakh