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Issue #191 — May 24, 2022

Announcing TypeScript 4.7 RC

The release candidate of TypeScript 4.7 adds several new features related to ECMAScript module support in Node. It also ships with control flow analysis for computed properties, instantiation expressions, and various other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Migrating Millions of Lines of Code to TypeScript

The developer productivity team at Stripe converted their largest codebase from Flow to TypeScript, changing 3.7 million lines of code in a single pull request. Here’s how they did it.

Andrew Lunny

TypeScript Error Translator

An extension for VS Code that translates TypeScript errors into human-readable language, right in your IDE.

Matt Pocock

The Funniest Web Dev Newsletter on the Internet

Bytes is probably the funniest newsletter you'll ever read (that's probably why 100k developers read it every week). If you like TypeScript Weekly, I've got a feeling you'll love Bytes too. Check it out.

Bytes (Sponsored)

Detecting UI Components with the TypeScript Compiler API

How to use TypeScript’s parser, type checker, and other compiler APIs to statically analyze your code and find UI components.

François Wouts

Narrowing, Discriminating Unions, and Type Guards

Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski of Syntax fame discuss how to narrow types in TypeScript using various means, including the typeof operator, the in operator, and custom type guard functions.

Syntax Podcast


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