TypeScript Weekly

Issue #83 — October 2, 2018

Announcing TypeScript 3.1

TypeScript 3.1 has been released and brings mapped tuples, easier property declarations on functions, typesVersions, and some handy async/await refactorings!

Daniel Rosenwasser

Guardians of the Code

Defensive programming in TypeScript using type guards.

Hernán Rajchert

Guide to TypeScript's Ambient Declarations

If your TypeScript code needs to use a library that was written in plain JavaScript, you can always write ambient declarations that describe the types that would have been there, had it been written in TypeScript.

Mike North

React Components with Dot Notation in TypeScript

The advantages and gotchas of using dot notation for React components in TypeScript.

Spencer Miskoviak

Custom TSLint rules with TSQuery

TSQuery lets you write powerful AST node selectors to simplify the implementation of TSLint rules.

Craig Spence