TypeScript Weekly

Issue #181 — November 25, 2021

Announcing TypeScript 4.5

TypeScript 4.5 has been released! It implements the Awaited type which improves promise typing, introduces a way to override a specific built-in lib in a manner similar to how @types/ support works, and, as always, ships with many other improvements.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Function Overloading in TypeScript

Some JavaScript functions accept a variable number of arguments, or arguments of different types; some functions even return different types, depending on how they are invoked. TypeScript’s function overloads allow us to model this behavior in the type system.

TypeScript Engineer at Fully Remote US Consultancy (React, Node)

Join Uplift and work on a variety of projects using the latest technologies. Build web and mobile apps using TypeScript, React, Node, GraphQL. Interact directly with our clients and enjoy a flexible schedule to maximize your work-life balance.

Uplift Ltd (sponsored)

Optimizing Enums in TypeScript with const

A brief overview of how the const modifier changes the JavaScript code that the TypeScript compiler will emit for a given enum.

Todd Motto

Quokka.js: Quickly test your TypeScript code on the fly

Quokka allows you to test your TypeScript code without leaving your code editor, results are displayed right next to your code and updated immediately, as you type. Highly recommended for any TS/JS developer, especially for those learning the basics.

Wallaby Team (sponsored)

TypeScript vs. JSDoc JavaScript

TypeScript has long had a good static typing story. Thanks to TypeScript support for JSDoc, JavaScript can be statically type checked as well.

John Reilly