TypeScript Weekly

Issue #93 — April 2, 2019

Announcing TypeScript 3.4

Faster incremental builds with the --incremental flag, better syntax for readonly arrays and tuples, const assertions, additional refactorings, and more!

Daniel Rosenwasser


Use this tool to install missing TypeScript typings for dependencies specified in your package.json file.

Jeff Hansen

Use ESLint with TypeScript, today!

TSLint is going to be deprecated in favor of ESLint. This post explains how to get ESLint and TypeScript working together in various setups today.

Jason Walton

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings

TypeScript’s trajectory is “significant and sustainable”; it jumped 4 spots in RedMonk’s programming language ranking within the last 12 months.

Stephen O’Grady

Be Super with TypeScript

Jared Palmer discusses TypeScript on the React Podcast: popularity, usage with other tools, and comparison to other statically typed compile-to-JS languages such as Reason.

Jared Palmer & Michael Chan