TypeScript Weekly

Issue #109 — September 9, 2019

Google Feedback on TypeScript 3.5

Google uses a single version of TypeScript (and a single set of compiler flags) within the entire monorepo containing billions of lines of code. Some feedback after the upgrade to TypeScript 3.5.

Evan Martin

Symbols in JavaScript and TypeScript

How to use symbols and the global symbol registry in JavaScript and how to type them in TypeScript.

Stefan Baumgartner

Debugging TypeScript in Firefox DevTools

How to generate source maps for TypeScript code and debug them within the Firefox developer tools.

Jan Honza Odvarko

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Manning Publications (Sponsor)

Generating TypeScript Definition Files from JavaScript

How to statically type your JavaScript code without requiring a build step.

Thomas Allmer

Static TypeScript

An implementation of a static compiler for the TypeScript language.

Microsoft Research