TypeScript Weekly

September 13, 2018 — Issue #82

Announcing TypeScript 3.1 RC

TypeScript 3.1 RC has been released and brings better error messages, mapped tuple types, new refactorings, and more.
Daniel Rosenwasser

TypeScript at Google

How TypeScript fits into Google’s JavaScript stack.
Evan Martin

Strict bind, call, and apply Methods on Functions

“Variadic functions at work. Took us four years to get expressive enough to fix this one!” — Anders Hejlsberg
Anders Hejlsberg
Advanced Static Types in TypeScript
This course explores the capabilities of TypeScript’s type system and shows how to use advanced static types in practice.

Watch the Course

Demystifying Function Overloading in TypeScript

How to use TypeScript’s function overloads to provide more specific return types for different sets of parameter types.
Shahar Kazaz

TypeScript and Babel 7

Babel 7 shipped with built-in TypeScript support.
Daniel Rosenwasser

Strongly-Typed Finite State Machines

… with Redux, the reducer pattern, and TypeScript.
Oliver Joseph Ash
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