TypeScript Weekly

Issue #182 — December 9, 2021

Get the Best of TypeScript Control Flow Analysis

This article will show some simple type construction patterns, code writing habits, and compiler options that you can use to improve your application’s type inference without increasing its complexity.

Charly Poly

Type | Treat Challenges

In the last week of October, the TypeScript team presented several "spooky" code challenges that let you dig deeper into the TypeScript language in a fun way. Here are all the challenges:

Orta Therox

TypeScript Engineer at Fully Remote US Consultancy (React, Node)

Join Uplift and work on a variety of projects using the latest technologies. Build web and mobile apps using TypeScript, React, Node, GraphQL. Interact directly with our clients and enjoy a flexible schedule to maximize your work-life balance.

Uplift Ltd (sponsored)

TypeScript: The Humble Function Overload

With recent type system features like conditional types or variadic tuple types, one technique to describe a function’s interface has faded into the background: function overloads.

Stefan Baumgartner