TypeScript Weekly

Issue #84 — October 21, 2018

Understanding TypeScript’s Structural Type System

This talk (38 minutes long) explains what differentiates a structural type system from a nominal one and how key TypeScript features let you express invariants about your system.

Drew Colthorp

How to Organize Model Interfaces and Types

How do you organize your type declarations in a TypeScript project? Different approaches and their pros and cons.

Patrick Desjardins

TypeScript: null and undefined Types

How to prevent JavaScript errors at run-time by properly encoding null and undefined in the type system.

James Henry

Build 100% Type-Safe React Apps in “Vanilla” JavaScript

How to benefit from TypeScript’s type checking while writing plain JavaScript and leveraging JSDoc type annotations.

Martin Hochel

TypeScript Support in Create React App

TypeScript support (using Babel 7) just landed in Create React App.

Bruno Lemos