TypeScript Weekly

Issue #100 — June 28, 2019

Hey everyone,

We've made it to issue #100 of TypeScript Weekly! It's absolutely crazy how time is flying by.

To those of you who've been subscribed since the beginning, thank you for sticking around. To those of you who've joined recently, welcome. :)

Here's to the next 100 issues!


P.S: Keep an eye out for a special edition of the newsletter filled with statistical goodness later this week …

Now or Never: Migrating 300k LOC from Flow to TypeScript

Using an automated conversion tool, the team at Quizlet migrated all of their 2,700 JavaScript files to TypeScript at once. A summary of the migration.

Roger Goldfinger

How to Upgrade to TypeScript Without Anyone Noticing, Part 2

How to fix TypeScript compile errors in JavaScript projects that recently added TypeScript support via a tsconfig.json file.

Nathan Shively-Sanders

A New Playground on the Official TypeScript Website

The TypeScript team shipped a much improved playground on the official TypeScript website. It now supports all compiler flags, different TypeScript versions, and more!

Orta Therox

Writing a Code Analyzer in TypeScript

How to analyze TypeScript code by parsing and walking an abstract syntax tree (AST) of a program.

Derk-Jan Karrenbeld

Fullstack Advanced React and GraphQL

This is a course that will teach you everything you need to build a full stack application with React and GraphQL.

Wes Bos (Sponsored)