TypeScript Weekly

Issue #120 — January 8, 2020

TSConf 2019 Session Recordings

All presentations from TSConf 2019 are now online! Watch and listen to Anders Hejlsberg, Ryan Dahl, and many others as they talk about all things TypeScript.


The private Keyword vs. Private Fields

A comparison of TypeScript’s private keyword and the new private fields that will ship as part of TypeScript 3.8 in February.

Matt Bierner

Fully Type-Safe Web Workers

Learn how to implement truly-parallel CPU-bound APIs in userland and how to expose them to other threads, Node processes, or even over the network in a fully type-safe manner, all with zero boilerplate code.

Felix Becker

TypeScript Types Deep Dive — Part 3: Functions

An epic journey of discovery into the mysterious world of TypeScript’s type system. Part 3 discusses how to use function types in TypeScript.

Jaime Gonzalez Garcia

Distributing Pick and Omit over Union Types

How to use conditional types to to make TypeScript’s Pick<T, K> and Omit<T, K> helper types distributive.

David Gomes