TypeScript Weekly

Issue #101 — July 2, 2019

Hey everyone,

Last week, I sent out issue #100 of TypeScript Weekly. (Time flies!)

This week, I've prepared a special edition with the 10 most popular links of all 100 issues. I'll be back with a regular edition and fresh content next week.

And now, enjoy! :)


const Assertions: The Killer New TypeScript Feature

How to omit a lot of tedious type declarations using const assertions.

Paul Cowan

TypeScript 2.8: Conditional Types

TypeScript 2.8 introduced conditional types, a powerful and exciting addition to the type system. This post walks you through basic conditional types, distributive conditional types, and type inference using the infer keyword.

Marius Schulz

Thinking in TypeScript

Tips for developers new to TypeScript to help them think “the TypeScript way”.

Christian Gonzalez

TypeScript: interface vs. type

Type declarations using interface vs. type: similarities, differences, and when to use which.

Paweł Grzybek

Five Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started with TypeScript

A list of five valuable TypeScript features that Alex wished he knew from the get-go, including strict type checking mode and type inference.

Alex Rieux

TypeScript 3.0: The unknown Type

TypeScript 3.0 introduced a new unknown type which is the type-safe counterpart of the any type. An explanation of how unknown and any are different and when to use which.

Marius Schulz

10 TypeScript Features You Might Not Know

TypeScript keeps evolving at a high pace with new releases shipping every two months. Here are some features you might’ve missed.

Dominik Kundel

Tiny Types in TypeScript

Giving domain meaning to primitive types.

Jan Molak

TypeScript  —  Tips & Tricks

10 tips that help you write better TypeScript code.

Tomek Sułkowski


A collection of common type patterns in TypeScript. You’ll learn a thing or ten about the type system by going through these examples!

Joon Ho Cho