TypeScript Weekly

Issue #158 — November 19, 2020

The Bike Shed: Things Are Knowable

Gary Bernhard of Destroy All Software fame was on The Bike Shed podcast and talked about TypeScript, the value of knowing our tools deeply, and the trade-offs between careful upfront design and shipping early and often.

Gary Bernhardt

TypeScript Splits the Atom

The upcoming TypeScript 4.1 release includes a particularly exciting new addition to the type system: template literal types.

Dan Vanderkam

How To Run TypeScript Scripts with ts-node

With ts-node, you no longer have to manually compile your TypeScript files down to pure JavaScript before executing them in Node.


Bulletproof uniq with TypeScript Generics

How to use TypeScript’s generic type constraints to only allow legitimate inputs to a custom uniq() function.

Johnny Reilly

Your Reference Guide to Using TypeScript in React

This article aims to serve as a quick reference and learning guide for both beginner and advanced React developers.

Chidume Nnamdi