TypeScript Weekly

Issue #122 — January 22, 2020

TypeScript’s Secret Parallel Universe

Did you know that TypeScript uses different namespaces for values and types? Depending on where an identifier is used, it can refer to a type or a value, and the two can be completely independent and incompatible.

Florian Reuschel

Make Illegal States Unrepresentable

How to enforce business rules and error states in TypeScript’s type system.

Khalil Stemmler

React with TypeScript: Best Practices

Opinionated best practices around how to use React with TypeScript: project setup, linting, formatting, component props, hooks, third-party libraries, and more.

Joe Previt

Deno Is a New Way to JavaScript

Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, is currently working on deno, a new runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, built using V8, TypeScript, and Rust. A 30-minute overview talk.

Ryan Dahl & Kitson Kelly