TypeScript Weekly

Issue #132 — April 14, 2020

Typing Functions in TypeScript

Functions types, parameters, overloading, and assignability.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Augmenting Interfaces in the Global Scope

How to augment a TypeScript interface in the global scope via interface declaration merging.

Marius Schulz

Porting a React Frontend to TypeScript

The story of a web application being ported from Ruby and JavaScript to TypeScript.

Gary Bernhardt

Push Null Values to the Perimeter of Your Types

“Values are easier to work with when they’re either completely null or completely non-null, rather than a mix. You can model this by pushing the null values out to the perimeter of your structures.”

Dan Vanderkam

Common JSON Patterns in Haskell, Rust, and TypeScript

A comparison of how Haskell, Rust, and TypeScript handle JSON serialization and deserialization.

Christian Kjær