TypeScript Weekly

Issue #110 — September 16, 2019

Read-Only Array and Tuple Types in TypeScript

TypeScript 3.4 added a bit of syntactic sugar to the language that makes it easier to work with read-only array and tuple types.

Marius Schulz

The 5 Big Features of TypeScript 3.7 and How to Use Them

An overview of several exciting features that are likely going to be shipping as part of the upcoming TypeScript 3.7 release.

Tim Perry

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Boolean in JavaScript and TypeScript

boolean is a fun primitive data type in JavaScript. In TypeScript, it allows for a total of four values. Wait, four?

Stefan Baumgartner

TypeScript 3.7 Iteration Plan

This document outlines the focused tasks for TypeScript 3.7, as well as some of the discussion that explains how/why the TypeScript team prioritized certain work items.

Daniel Rosenwasser