TypeScript Weekly

Issue #105 — August 12, 2019

#private vs. private: Adding ES private to TypeScript

The ECMAScript #private field proposal and how its implementation affects TypeScript, which already has a type of private field that uses the private keyword.

5 Commandments for TypeScript Programmers

High-level TypeScript best practices that will help you take advantage of TypeScript to the fullest extent.

Miłosz Piechocki

Avoiding any in TypeScript: Advanced Types and Their Usage

Built-in types and built-in TypeScript features which you can use to avoid any or to simplify custom typings.

Tomasz Świstak

Using TypeScript Like A Pro

How do we make JavaScript easier to work with? Chris Krycho, software developer at LinkedIn, talks about TypeScript, the language server protocol (LSP), structural types, working with large codebases, and more.

Chris Krycho & Adam Gordon Bell