TypeScript Weekly

Issue #128 — March 11, 2020

Alternatives to Enums in TypeScript

How to implement enum-style objects without relying on TypeScript’s non-standard enum language construct.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

What’s New in TypeScript 3.8

An overview of 5 new changes in TypeScript 3.8: type-only imports and exports, export * as ns syntax, ES2020 private fields, top-level await, and JSDoc property modifiers.

Esteban Herrera

Understand Evolving any

An explanation of how implicit any and any[] types in TypeScript are allowed to evolve along a code path.

Dan Vanderkam

Improving Babel Support for TypeScript

TypeScript’s import type ... syntax lets Babel remove (elide) import declarations that only import types rather than values. Previously, some of those type-only imports used to be ambiguous.

Dom DiCicco

Using TypeScript Without TypeScript

Using TypeScript for type-checking in a JavaScript project without having to write TypeScript or add a build step.

Daniel Mackay