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Issue #192 — June 24, 2022

Announcing TypeScript 4.8 Beta

The beta release of TypeScript 4.8 improves type narrowing and compatibility for union and intersection types. It also makes rebuilds faster when using the --build, --watch, or --incremental flags. And, as always, there’s a whole bunch of smaller improvements as well.

Daniel Rosenwasser

TypeScript Tips and Tricks

In this 55-minute video, Matt goes over various TypeScript tips and tricks to turn you into a TypeScript ninja. Make sure to check out his Advanced TypeScript playlist as well.

Matt Pocock, Burke Holland

TypeScript Tooling Explained

In this episode of the Syntax podcast, Wes and Scott talk through TypeScript tooling, build tools, configs, and editors.

Syntax Podcast

New White Paper: Guide to Code Reviews

Sema has just published a white paper on why code reviews matter and how to integrate them effectively into your team and organization. The white paper includes: why code reviews are important, how to explain the benefits of code review to a non-technical CEO, and the Six Golden Rules of Code Reviews. You can read the white paper here.

Sema Technologies (Sponsored)

Determining Module Migration and Shipping Strategy

An interesting GitHub issue that outlines how the TypeScript team is planning to move the TypeScript codebase over to ECMAScript modules.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Monorepos in JavaScript & TypeScript

A comprehensive tutorial on monorepos in JavaScript and TypeScript: how to structure a monorepo, which tools to use, how to perform versioning, and how to make continuous integration work.

Robin Wieruch


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