TypeScript Weekly

Issue #197 — November 28, 2022

Announcing TypeScript 4.9

TypeScript 4.9 has been released and brings with it the new satisfies operator, improved type narrowing for the in operator, and many other improvements. Check out the TypeScript 5.0 iteration plan as well if you’re curious about what’s coming down the road.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Ten Years of TypeScript

TypeScript recently turned 10 years old (can you believe it?). A look at the language’s history, its early days, and where it’s at today.

Daniel Rosenwasser

Zod Tutorial | Total TypeScript

How to use the schema validation library Zod to check types at runtime, explained by none other than the excellent Matt Pocock.

Matt Pocock

Converting the TypeScript Codebase to Modules

The TypeScript team recently migrated the TypeScript codebase from legacy namespaces to ECMAScript modules and improved compiler performance by 10–25% in the process. Also, tsc is now 30% faster to start and the npm package is now 43% smaller.

Jake Bailey

Build, Test, and Publish a TypeScript npm Package in 2022

This article explains how to develop and publish an npm package from scratch using TypeScript and Jest for testing.

Ianis Triandafilov