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Newsletter February 2019


Don't Tempt Your Fate !

Fellas, Ladies,

You might have heard or read about the tragic road accident that happened near Whakatane on Tuesday afternoon. Three men are dead and three extended families and a lot of friends and work colleagues are in mourning.

The accident involved four trucks and the carnage was described by one of the present rescue helicopter pilots as "chaotic", "horrific" and "one of the worst" he has seen. The three men killed were contractors working on the side of the road. 

At this stage it is not known what caused the accident but it seems obvious that something went wrong with one or several of the four trucks involved. A moment of inattention? speed? a mechanical fault? or something else? No doubt the road accident investigation will try to find the answer and whoever is responsible will have to answer to the allegations. 

The reason I'm writing about this tragic accident is that my management team, myself, and all of our staff (this includes you!) must be aware what the consequences of such road accidents are. This is the reason why we keep reminding you not to speed, to take your brakes, to always always pay attention on the road, to be courteous to all other road users, to concentrate while working, to follow the rules, to take responsibility for your actions, to be the very best operator you can be! We do not want any of our staff to be involved in an accident like the above, ever!

Take this as a reminder that we do have strong policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe including the public we do interact with. Inductions, work safe meetings, safe start workshops, random drug-testing, etc. are only some of the measures that hopefully help to keep you and the people you’re working with safe.

This is a reminder that it is company policy and company expectation that ;

  • an incident report is completed for every incident and/or accident at work. This report must be completed the same day the incident happened or as soon as practically possible.
  • a medical certificate is obtained from your GP / medical center / hospital if you had an accident or if you are needing to take leave for medical reasons (sick leave). Sick leave payments will only be granted if a medical certificate is presented.
  • you remove known hazards before yourself or anyone else gets hurt. Contact your manager if help is needed to deal with the potential hazard. Look after yourself, your mates and the people around you. Report hazards, always!

We’ve just started a new year and as we do when we start something new, we have big plans, hopes, goals and a bit of an idea on how to get there. One of the main goals we have again set for our group is and has been in the past to survive the New Year without any major accidents and to limit incidents at our workplace to an absolute minimum.
If we all do our bit there is a very good chance that we’ll make it through the current year safely.



Stay in Control!



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