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Newsletter May 2018

..ROGER THAT.. May18

Mayday,... Mayday!

Fellas, Ladies,

You got it; it’s the last day of May. Today we are 5 months into 2018. I don’t know about you but I had my fair share of Mayday calls already this year and I don’t need any more to make my year rememberable.

In case you haven’t noticed yet; Winter is here. The roads are wet, the sun is low in the sky, there is fog, rain, and a lot of drivers around you that have much less experience in driving in these conditions than yourself. We've had our fair share of incidents so far and I don't want any more this year. 
We're currently in the process of renewing our various insurance policies. As usual, it looks like the insurance companies are increasing their premiums and compliance requirements again this year which of course will put further pressure on business profitability. It is only by all of us taking good care of ourselves, others around us and the gear we're operating that we can keep our health and business safe. 
So, with the risk of repeating myself; “Take care, slow down, be courteous to others on the road, keep safe, look out for each other!”. We want to see you get back to the yard safe at the end of the day. We don’t want to get any more mayday calls, not from yourself and not from anyone that works with us.. at least if we can help it.



In-the-Know; Sun-Strike

May and June are the worst months of the year for road crashes due to drivers being blinded by sun-strike.

Sun-strike is when the angle of sunlight hitting a windscreen creates glare that is very hard for a driver to see through. The problem is worst on winter mornings and afternoons, when the sun is low in the sky. Sun-strike may seem like it’s just a minor annoyance when you’re driving but every year about 2 people are killed and 200 people injured in NZ in crashes where the driver was blinded by dazzling sunlight.”

The most common types of crashes involving sun-strike are people pulling out from a side-street or driveway into the path of another vehicle they did not see, or rear-ending a vehicle that had stopped. Sun-strike also adds risks for cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists on the road, as they can more easily be hidden in the glare due to their smaller size.

On sunny mornings and afternoons everyone needs to be extra cautious at intersections and not assume a driver has seen them. Even if you aren’t affected by sun-strike yourself other people may be struggling to see you. It is recommended that drivers wear polarised sunglasses in sunny conditions. Polarised lenses let the right light in and keep bad light out, eliminating any distractions and impairments caused by reflections off shiny surfaces like vehicles, metal glass or water. 

How to minimise sun-strike risks:

  • Anticipate when it may happen and use your visors or sunglasses
  • Go for polarised sunglasses as these are best at combating glare
  • Drive with your headlights on so your vehicle is easier to see
  • Keep your windscreen clean inside and out
  • If you are hit by sun-strike, slow down and be extra cautious in your driving
Our Carpenter Bernardino spent a day doing various repairs at The Papermill Charitable Trust. The Papermill is a local Whangarei charity. If you want to know more about The Papermill, see or go to their FB page

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A huge THANK YOU to the prize sponsors : BINDONS ($50 voucher for their shop), GOUGH TWL (Safety Sunglasses, Grease-Kit, Complete Car-wash & wax pack), PORTHOUSE BAR & EATERY ($25 Gift Voucher). Please support our price sponsors - we couldn't do it without them ! ;)
Anthony Roberts (Logging) is the winner of our April price. Congratulations ! Please collect your price from Logging Dispatch
A big THANK YOU to all of you who have taken the time to send us your business improvement ideas. We've received some interesting ideas and feedback. We're currently looking into several of the ideas and will update you on the ones we think will be doable. 
The big price has gone to Paul Jones (Transport) who sent us several ideas one of which was to improve the means of communication within the company. Congratulations Paul, please collect your price from Transport Dispatch. 
It's just what we do.....
The good people from BINDONS have setup a cash staff discount account for all staff from the Semenoff Group. BINDONS has a huge range of Engineering and Automotive parts for your car, trailer, motorbike and even boat (if you're lucky enough to own one of these). Simply present your Semenoff Group ID card (see separate email) and take advantage of some very very sharp pricing (great di$counts).
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