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Newsletter May 2017

..ROGER THAT.. May17

Backing up the backup

Fellas, Ladies,

We've all had them, some of us more than others; those moments when something bad happens, something blows up, the s.. hits the fan. It's part of life that not everything always goes to plan and it makes our days on this earth that much more challenging, interesting and sometimes entertaining.

The challenge is to not let a mishap turn into a catastrophe and to avoid this, the best way is to plan ahead. Our NZ winter starts tomorrow; roads are wet, days are short, farms and forests are muddy, temperatures keep dropping.

Putting the right gear on for the season, paying attention to the conditions on the road and at your workplace, being patient with stressed motorists and making sure your working gear is in good order will get you a long way to keep you safe during this coming wintertime.

Planing ahead is the best backup you can have and by also looking after your workmates you'll be backing up their backup too. Keep warm and stay safe!



(wear sunglasses, keep your windscreens clean)

JUNE = It's time to claim your tax refund

You can easily check directly with the IRD if you are due a tax refund. By doing so, you will not loose any of your funds as commission $$ to a tax agent.
You simply login to your MyIR account and request your "Personal Tax Summary" (PTS) which will kick off your tax refund. Setting up a MyIR account is easy, all you need is your IRD number.

There is a good chance you are owed a tax refund if:
- You only worked part of the year (April 2016 to March 2017)
- You had more than one job in the last year
- You worked on an hourly rate and the number of hours worked each week changed frequently 

Follow this link to get more information:

If you need any help or if you need your IRD number, just let me know.

Office Ph. 09 438 1020
By receiving this newsletter, you're in the draw for an exciting prize package ! :) Good luck to you all - our fairy will draw the winners at the beginning of next month.
A big THANK YOU to the prize sponsors : BINDONS ($50 voucher for their shop), VTNZ (voucher for a free WOF), GOUGH TWL (Warm Beanie), PORTHOUSE BAR & EATERY (50% lunch vouchers)
Our Fairy has drawn the following winner for last month's prizes:
  • ALPHA: Joe Brennan (Livestock)
    Well done ! Please collect your prizes from the office.
The good people from BINDONS have setup a cash staff discount account for all staff from the Semenoff Group. BINDONS has a huge range of Engineering and Automotive parts for your car, trailer, motorbike and even boat (if you're lucky enough to own one of these). Simply present your Semenoff Group ID card (see separate email) and take advantage of some very very sharp pricing (great di$counts).
VTNZ is your local specialist for vehicle Warrants of Fitness (WOF), Certificate of Fitness (COF), Vehicle Licence and Road User Charges (RUC). But VTNZ also provide basic vehicle service, safety assessments and pre-purchase assessments.
Northland Cleaning Supplies is based in the town basin at 35 Herekino Street. They carry a big range of cleaning and packaging products. You'll find their complete range online ;

Trent Beilby from Northland Cleaning Supplies has setup a special discounted cash account for all staff of the Stan Semenoff Group of Companies. Simply use account "SuppSuppGo" when making any purchase at their store and take advantage of at least 10% discount on their products. You'll also receive a free microfibre cloth for very purchase of $50 or over. Further discounts might apply.
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