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Newsletter March 2018

..ROGER THAT.. Mar18

Easter Bunny, April Fools, End of financial year... all at once

Fellas, Ladies,

This is not only a long weekend but also a significant one from many different angles; many of you will no doubt celebrate the spiritual side of the Easter weekend, the funny side of April fools, or simply the fishing and chilling during what is expected to be a few very warm and sunny days off. 

From a business perspective our financial year ends on the last day of March which is the time we start doing our tallies, add up the yearly earnings and expenses, figure out depreciation and amortization totals, analyse and reflect on the year that's just gone by. 

It's not been an easy business year and we had our fair share of hickups, breakdowns and issues to deal with. I think we all agree that we can do better and several system changes have already been put in place to help us improve our efficiencies. We have started and will continue to heavily invest in new machinery and vehicles which will not doubt decrease the pressure in our workshops and further improve job satisfaction for our operators. 

Having read this newsletter this far shows me that your are interested in the success of our group of which you are an important part and I therefore would like to offer you the opportunity to win a cool price (details below) as token of our appreciation. Share an idea with us on how you would make our group or parts of it more efficient, more safe, more profitable, more productive or a better place to work in. Email us your idea with the subject line "roger that" to by the 15th May 2018 to be in the draw. Good luck!

On Tuesday we'll start a new week and a new financial year. Until then, enjoy your time off with your family. Here's one for your kids and grandkids : "What's the difference between a healthy bunny and an odd bunny ?"....."One is a fit bunny, and the other is a bit funny!" 

Share your business improvement idea with us and go in to win this Unicorn PDC World Champion Dart Set valued at RRP $245.- kindly sponsored by GOUGH-TWL. Email your idea to with the subject line "roger that". Good Luck !
REMINDER AND STILL VALID FOR THE NEW BUSINESS YEAR : Incident reports are available at the office and need to be completed asap and not later than 24 h after an incident occurred. Our HS policies require you to complete such a report for every significant workplace incident. 
A medical certificate from your medical center/hospital is also required if you need to take time off work (sick leave or ACC).

In-the-Know; Clutch failures

Clutches are the connection between the truck engine and gearbox. The engine’s power is transferred directly to the clutch. The clutch can be subjected to huge forces and bad driving behaviour can severely limit the clutch’s lifespan. 
There are two types of friction material, ceramic and organic. These have vastly different properties, which means they have different applications but both are effectively the connection between the clutch and the engine flywheel.

The major cause of clutch failure is excessive heat. This is when the heat generated between the engine flywheel and clutch driven plate are high enough that the clutch friction material is destroyed. Heat generated is at its highest while the clutch is beginning to clamp to the engine flywheel (engaging).

There are a number of factors that can cause excessive heat build-up and ultimately lead to clutch failure.

The following are driver related:
- Starting off in a gear that is too high for the load. You should be able to let the clutch out and the truck will start moving at low revs. If not, select a lower gear or range.
- Riding the clutch pedal. If this is happening, then the clutch may be partially disengaged and therefore slipping. This will also cause premature wear on the clutch release bearing as it is constantly revolving where it would normally only revolve when the pedal is depressed or when a gear change is being made.
- Using the clutch to hold the truck on a steep incline instead of using the truck’s braking system.
- Coasting for long periods with the clutch pedal depressed and the transmission in gear can result in high shock loading of the clutch friction material.
- Dropping the clutch. This is a sure fire way to destroy a clutch.

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Rufino Padullon (Transport) receiving his Newsletter price. Congratulations !
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