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Newsletter September 2018


Respect is earned, not given

Fellas, Ladies,

Respect is a funny thing in some ways... We people normally respect each other "by default" until something unexpected happens. Think of it like a level system. You have respect at different levels with people you are around.

For example; you respect your mailman and that he brings your mail to you unopened, in time, and doesn't loose it on the way. However, if you find out differently, you will loose your trust and respect for him and your new mailman will need to earn your respect back, because you have been mistreated.

The same goes in business; our customers do respect us "by default" and expect us to supply the goods (sand, scoria, aggregates, etc) and services (transport, storage, etc) in a timely and professional manner. 

Now if we do not meet their expectations by not following some of their rules or by not taking enough care when in their yards or forest blocks, we will loose their respect and rightly so. Then we have to regain that respect which is a lot harder thing to do than loosing it!

For example, if you have the urge to go to the toilet while unloading in a customer's yard, please go to their office and ask politely if you could use their bathroom please. I'm sure they will gladly say yes. When you use the bathroom, treat it with respect and when you leave their office, say Thank you and wish them a great day. Everyone will be happy. Do not use the outside wall of their office, shed, or any other part of their property as a toilet! Be polite, be professional, show respect - always!

On a happier note; our business family is growing! This coming Monday, the Neville Brothers Livestock business in Silverdale is joining our Livestock team at Hilders and United Livestock. It's taken a lot of preparation work to make this happen but I'm convinced having Neville Brothers Livestock being part of our group will be greatly beneficial to the Livestock transport businesses and our Livestock customers as we'll be able to offer more transport capabilities and generate badly needed synergies. 

We are also very fortunate to have a new General Manager Livestock; Scott Vallance joined our Livestock Team this month and is currently very busy working on the integration of Neville Brothers Livestock. I expect everyone in the group (workshops, admin, etc) to give Scott and his team all the support we can to make the transition period a very succesful one and I'm sure I can count on you all to achieve this. 

Spring is now here, the sun is coming out, we will get much busier now in the coming month. Enjoy your weekend, get some well deserved rest, and enjoy time with your families and friends. 

See you next week !

Wear your hi-vis vest, your hard hat, your PPE when on site with customers and suppliers.


In-the-Know; Starting a Diesel Engine correctly

Diesel engines work a little differently from petrol engines. In a regular petrol engine, the fuel and air are mixed in the cylinder, the piston compresses the mixture and at just the right time, a spark of electricity ignites the mixture. 
Diesel engines don’t have sparks and there are no spark plugs. Instead, the diesel engine uses high compression to ignite the fuel. The compression on its own causes enough heat to ignite the diesel and air mixture in the cylinder. However, the heat of the engine is also a factor in the Diesel ignition. If the engine is hot, then the Diesel will ignite at a lower compression compared to cold. If the Diesel ignites too early, it would cause the engine to knock and this can damage the engine. So the engine is setup to run when hot.

This creates an issue for starting the Diesel engine. If the engine is cold, it won’t get to the ignition point when compressed. To solve this, diesel vehicles have a small heating coil, called a glow plug, which warms up the cylinder for a few seconds before the engine is turned over. This ensures that the Diesel ignites and the engine starts properly.

So what happens if you don’t wait? Many diesels will still start even if they are cold. Even though you didn’t wait, the glow plug will have warmed a little bit and it might catch. However, the engine might also just refuse to start. You might end up flooding the engine (too much fuel in the cylinder). So you better wait until this light on your dashboard goes off before starting your engine

Neville Brothers Livestock have joined our Group.
We're looking for class 2, 4 and 5 livestock drivers in the Rodney area (Landon needs help!!!). Let us know if you know suitable candidates please - all successful referrals will be rewarded!

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