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Newsletter August 2018


Chain reaction

Fellas, Ladies,

Did you ever wonder why some minor damage accidently caused to your truck by a moment of inattention can wind up management and the workshop team quite a lot?

Ponder this; the damage will get reported to your dispatcher/workshop. The workshop will have to re-schedule maintenance on other trucks to be able to attend to the damage. Repair will take up time, money and resources and depending on availability of parts, the truck might be off the road for some time.
If the damage does not get reported/repaired, the truck might get pulled up by our friends from the commercial vehicle enforcement unit who will then probably issue a fine or worse pull your truck off the road. Either way, a moment of inattention will have significant consequences not only for yourself but also for most of the team you’re working with and of course the business.
What I’m getting at; always be alert while operating a vehicle, take care of yourself and other road users, look after your truck (treat it with respect), take your brakes, get enough sleep, be a professional! Always!
Talking of professional – most of you will have a good number of years experience as a super dad. It’s your day on Sunday! Enjoy Father’s Day with your family if you can and if you need a dad joke for the day, you can borrow this one; “Why can’t a bike stand on it’s own?” – “Because it’s two tired”.
Enjoy your weekend!

Keep yourself fit, healthy and well rested

In-the-Know; Your Truck, your office, your home

Cleaning your truck should be on your list of things to do every working day. Keeping the interior clean is a must for any truck driver as you spend long periods of time in your truck. Waiting until you have the time to get the interior detailed professionally means that you could be living in filth for a long time. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little daily maintenance and knowing a few proven tricks to avoid getting your truck's interior dirty in the first place you will be on your way to a much better driving experience.

Having a clean interior makes you feel better and boosts morale. Take pride in your work space, treat it well and keep it clean. A clean truck is a happy truck! Here are a few tips for a cleaner interior:

  • Get a container for organization; one of the easiest things you can do to straighten up your trucks interior is to get a container to store things in and keep them organized.
  • Sweep with a small dust broom. Use it at least once a day, you will be amazed what a difference that can make.
  • Have a rubbish bag in your truck and use it
  • Clean your windows from the inside too
  • Clean up after yourself. It's easy, when you spill something or drop something; just clean it up.
  • Make cleaning part of your work routine. You deserve working in a clean tidy environment - make it happen!
Our General Manager - Logging, Daron Turner, has been anounced as overall winner in the category DISTRIBUTION EXCELLENCE at the 2018 NFA Northland Forestry Awards. Congratulations Daron, this is a well deserved award - Well done !

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Home away from home.....
The good people from BINDONS have setup a cash staff discount account for all staff from the Semenoff Group. BINDONS has a huge range of Engineering and Automotive parts for your car, trailer, motorbike and even boat (if you're lucky enough to own one of these). Simply present your Semenoff Group ID card (see separate email) and take advantage of some very very sharp pricing (great di$counts).
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