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Newsletter April 2018

..ROGER THAT.. Apr18

One done, Eleven to go

Fellas, Ladies,

The first month of our financial year 2018-19 is coming to an end today. It is great to see our Logging Team picking up traction with the new drivers moving more trucks, more mechanics supporting our workshop team, and Dispatch keeping it all together and on track.

It sure was a big call to commit the investments we did in our new employees and our gear but sometimes you have to make a big call to succeed. I'm confident that with the great team we currently have and with all of you guys' help and support our Logging division and the entire group will have a successful year ahead.   

This brings me back to our last newsletter where we've asked for your input on how you would make our group or parts of it more efficient, more safe, more profitable, more productive or a better place to work in. We have had some interesting responses and if you got back to us - Thank you. If you haven't had a chance to do so yet, then email us your idea with the subject line "roger that" to by the 15th May 2018. All suggestions are in the draw for a cool prize.

Share your business improvement idea with us and go in to win this Unicorn PDC World Champion Dart Set valued at RRP $245.- kindly sponsored by GOUGH-TWL. Email your idea to with the subject line "roger that". Good Luck !
3RD AND FINAL REMINDER: Incident reports need to be completed asap and not later than 24 h after an incident occurred. Our HS policies require you to complete such a report for every significant workplace incident. A medical certificate from your medical center/hospital is required if you need to take time off work (sick leave or ACC). No medical certificate = no paid sick leave (no exceptions).

In-the-Know; Staying Healthy on the Road

"How do I stay healthy on the road?" is a question every truck driver should ask themselves at least once a week. Trucking careers offer lots of benefits, but one of the main challenges of our industry is to stay healthy. Sitting up to 11 or more hours per day is hard on your body and your overall health, especially combined with sleep deprivation, fast food and minimal physical activity. 

But that's not to say that living a healthy life as a truck driver isn't possible. Studies have found that 4 simple steps will dramatically improve your overall health and wellbeing;

- Get 4 to 15 minutes of rigorous exercise a day: Start of with 4 minutes of any kind of rigorous exercise a day and slowly increase it to 15 minutes a day. Any exercise will do; running, jumping, stretches, strength exercises, squats, lunges, core exercices (almost as if you are trying to reach your back with your belly button).
- Spike your metabolism every 3 hours with food: Eating a healthy snack every three hours will keep your metabolism high. Avoid fast food (you already knew that). Drink lots of water all day.
- Sleep your weight off: Sleep deprivation is a big contributor to weight gain and will inhibit your body from regulating your metabolism properly.
- Get the maximum out of your days off: Don't waste your time off on the couch watching TV. Get up, get out and get moving! Go for a walk with your dog, take the kids for a ball game to the park, enjoy the outdoors :) Enjoy Life ! and stay healthy.

It is up to you to take responsibility for yourself and in some respects, it is actually easier to eat healthy and exercise on the road rather than in the middle of all the distraction you have at home. Make the most of it, think like a fit man, and you'll be amazed how good you will feel.

To enter the draw for this month's amazing prize, simply click on the button below:
A huge THANK YOU to the prize sponsors : BINDONS ($50 voucher for their shop), GOUGH TWL (Safety Sunglasses), TOTAL OIL- Oil Intel Ltd (Jacket, 2XL). Please support our price sponsors - we couldn't do it without them ! ;)
Verne O'Dwyer (Transport) is the winner of our March price. Congratulations !
The good people from BINDONS have setup a cash staff discount account for all staff from the Semenoff Group. BINDONS has a huge range of Engineering and Automotive parts for your car, trailer, motorbike and even boat (if you're lucky enough to own one of these). Simply present your Semenoff Group ID card (see separate email) and take advantage of some very very sharp pricing (great di$counts).
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