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Newsletter October 2018


8 weeks to Xmas

Fellas, Ladies,

October has been a big month for our group. With the warmer weather and dryer days our businesses has had a good month which is great after the wet winter we just had. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your efforts and dedication you’re putting into your work. It’s only by everyone working as one team that we can be successful in what we’re doing.

With the start of a new month tomorrow, Roydons Mamaranui Livestock Transport in Dargaville is joining our group. They are now part of our family so feel free to give them a friendly wave when you pass them on the road or see them in our yards. As mentioned in our earlier newsletter, Scott Vallance is our new general manager for the Livestock business and I urge you all to give him and his team your support where and when you can.
November will be the last full working month with the Xmas and Holiday Season just around the corner. Please give it your best until the Xmas break so that we can finish the 2018 year on a high and with the necessary reserves we’ll need to carry us over the holidays into the New Year.
And as always; take it easy, be alert, be courteous on the road, and travel safe!

Seat Belts....

...ON !

The Northern Advocate Business Hall of Fame inductee 2018 is our Managing Director Stan Semenoff. This prestigious award was presented to Stan on Friday in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Northland business and the Northland economy. 

In-the-Know; Safe driving - hazards & emergencies

One of the most important things you can do to be a safer driver is to look well ahead of you when you're driving, so you can pick up potentially dangerous situations before it's too late. The earlier you spot a potential hazard, the more time you will have to take evasive action. Rather than looking only as far as the vehicle in front of you when driving, you should actually be scanning the road in front to a distance of at least 12 seconds ahead of where your vehicle is – that is, the place you will be after driving for 12 seconds.

As a rough guide, at 50km/h, 12 seconds is 166 metres or about two city blocks. At 100km/h, 12 seconds is 333 metres. This means at 100km/h you should look ahead as far as you can see.

Following the tips above will help you avoid many potentially dangerous crashes. However, despite all your best efforts, there may still be occasions when you find yourself on a direct collision course with another vehicle or other hazard. For this reason, it is wise to identify possible escape routes all the time while you're driving. That way, if you find yourself in danger of a crash, you'll be ready to take quick evasive action. Most escape routes will be to your left, so take note of what's on the left-hand side of the road as you drive. Ask yourself questions like:

  • 'Is there a wide shoulder I could steer onto?'
  • 'Can I steer off the road safely if I need to?'

If there are no safe escape routes, reduce your speed and increase your following distance so you can stop in plenty of time if a crash situation develops.

Hello everyone, my name is Curtis Robinson I’m 14 years old and I have a big passion for trucks as I have been going in the livestock trucks with my dad since I was a little fella. I started off by taking a few photos of the trucks at dad’s work and then I thought why not create a facebook page to share with all the other truck enthusiast about my passion for all trucks. I really hope you enjoy my page and if you do share it with your fellow truckies. Thank you heaps for your support!

To enter the draw for this month's amazing prize, simply click on the button below:
A huge THANK YOU to the prize sponsors : GOUGH TWL and PORTHOUSE EATERY RUAKAKA . Please support our price sponsors - we couldn't do it without them ! ;)
Neale Beck (LSD Takanini) is the winner of our last price package. Congratulations !
The good people from BINDONS have setup a cash staff discount account for all staff from the Semenoff Group. BINDONS has a huge range of Engineering and Automotive parts for your car, trailer, motorbike and even boat (if you're lucky enough to own one of these). Simply present your Semenoff Group ID card (see separate email) and take advantage of some very very sharp pricing (great di$counts).
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