Newsletter II   

    November 2016
    Global Entrepreneurship Week
    is underway
IDEA4Africa is proud to be the National Host  
for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Rwanda!
10 million people, and 160 countries around the world are involved with this Entrepreneurship Celebration.

IDEA4Africa and GEW in the NEWS

Starting November 14th and running through the 20th, IDEA4Africa has been hosting more than 20 Events across the country.
Our Country Director, Pamela, has been busy organizing sessions, overseeing the 2016 Essay Competition and facilitating discussions and networking opportunities.
Pamela appeared on national television on CNBC Africa promoting the work that IDEA4Africa is doing in hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week. The week long conference runs events ranging from workshops that inspire youth to start new businesses to networking receptions that connect entrepreneurs to potential collaborators.
KISSFM, Kigali's #1 music station plugged some of the work we are doing.

Tackling unemployment through youth entrepreneurship.

This discussion was on ways to get past the hurdles and find lasting solutions to society's needs. 
One of many discussions taking place this week with important stakeholders was on Rwanda's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Kigali Shapers, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, collaborated with KLabs to run this discussion.
DOT Rwanda is harnessing the power of youth transforming their lives to become leaders. The burgeoning DOT entrepreneurs identified potential customers and beneficiaries of their social enterprise ideas during their session at GEW16 (below).
GEW 2016 Essay Competition: 

Topic: How do you believe youth entrepreneurs can best have a positive impact on their communities and on the country of Rwanda?
Students and their schools receive awards ranging from 100,000 RWF to 600,000 RWF

And the winners are.....
First Place: Rutayisire Alice Lambert
Maranyundo Girls School

"youth entrepreneurship is a weapon our country can use against underdevelopment."

"In whatever way possible, youth entrepreneurship can grow into a huge baobab tree with many fruits that taste like prosperity. This is much better than when the youth of our country are the ones who commit crime, robbery, prostitution, drug abuse and getting involved in useless activities and unproductive acts that only diminish their capabilities."

"To keep this journey going, we should never keep success in our heads nor failure in our hearts."

Second Place: Irakoze Laura
Lycee Notre Dame de citeaux

"Youth must think big and not depend on the people who tell them it can't be done because life's too short to think small"

"Youth have the power to develop the country and the community. What they have to know is that when they fail, the failure is the opportunity to start over more intelligently"

"Rwanda is clearly on the right path for creating a more entrepreneurial culture and Global Entrepreneurship Week was brought to Rwanda to celebrate it."

Third Place: Uwimbabazi Marie Merci
Liquidnet Family High School at Agahozo Shalom Youth Village

"I believe that youth entrepreneurs are change makers and leaders.  Leroy Eimes stated, “Leaders are those who see more than what others see, who see before others see and see farther than others see”. Youth entrepreneurs too identify what is missing and what needs to be improved and initiate innovative ideas to bring positive changes in their communities."  

"Rwanda is on the track to make significant and sustainable progress economically, socially, and politically." 
Some of the 20+ EVENTS at this year's
GEW Celebration:

This week is filled with networking sessions, workshops, expos, classes, conferences and competitions. A sampling of these events are listed here:
-Panel Discussion on the Rwandan Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
-Football Match for Youth entrepreneurs
-Show Me the Money: Getting Your Business Financed
-Learning Trip to Gashora – Visiting a Young Successful Entrepreneur
-Business Idea Competition
-Young Entrepreneurs Training in Partnership with Road to Nairobi
-Bread Power
-Dreams and Sacrifices of Young Entrepreneurs
-Human Centered Design & Business Model Canvas Workshop at INKOMOKO
-The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship
-GEW 2016 Rwanda hosted by AIESEC in partnership with Microsoft SME4Afrika
-Entrepreneur’s Roundtable
-GEW 2016 Official Celebration and Conference in UR – Nyarugenge Campus

Cambridge Premier of Mama Rwanda

Several board members went to the Cambridge screening of the film by Laura Waters Hinson and hosted by the Akilah Institute. After the film, Nicole Carter Quinn from the Women & Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School led a panel discussion with the film director, Sakina, a young Rwandan woman who is a student Ambassador from the Akilah Institute, Karen Sherman, the Executive Director of Akillah and Nan Langowitz, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  

Mothers who mean business.

A modern tale of mothers told through the eyes of those who lived through genocide. One, a village wife, the other, a city widow, have traded subsistence living for a life of business innovation, sparking enlightenment and controversy within their communities. 

Set against the backdrop of national reconciliation, these mothers are a new generation of women helping to turn post-genocide Rwanda into one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world.

Interspersed by commentary from experts in women’s entrepreneurship, the film highlights the roles of education and access to capital in empowering women to overcome poverty through entrepreneurship. 
IDEA4Africa's Benchmarks for this year: 
  • Build a network of at least 20 secondary schools to work with throughout the year
  • Conduct three regional seminars to train high school teachers and build a network of high school educators
  • Establish a network of entrepreneurship clubs with existing school partners and add at least 10 schools
  • Create a series networking events for teachers, new ventures and young entrepreneurs
  • Facilitate at least 4 training programs for other NGOs in need of entrepreneurial development
If you have shown your support for IDEA4Africa by making a donation, we thank you!

Your support is what is needed to assist Rwanda's youth, as education, and not aid, is what will strengthen this community and the country as a whole.

Please visit and DONATE to show your support for the work we are doing and the impacts we are having.
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