Newsletter I - September 2016

This is the first of routine newsletters to be sent to the board, and after this first edition, all of our friends, filled with stories and pictures about what we are doing and the impacts we're having.  
This will keep us, as a group, apprised of what is going on in Kigali and will also serve as an email for all of you to forward to your networks with the goal of growing our circle of followers who are engaged in what we are doing and increasing the support for our work! 

A FOND FAREWELL: As we enter our second year, we have bid farewell to Isabelle,  our wonderful, first  Country Director, who got us started in our office in Kigali. The good news is that we will be able to see her (if she's not too busy) as she is now back in the states working on her graduate degree at Harvard. We have much to thank her for!

AND A HEARTY WELCOME: We are thrilled to have Pamela joining our team to take us into the next phase  of our work. As the next GEW Summit will quickly be upon us, the upcoming months will be busy for Pamela! As everyone on the board has extraordinary "institutional memory" on what this organization, in different incarnations,  is doing and has done,  we can all be a great source of information and support for Pamela. 

THE GEW SUMMIT IN RWANDA continues to be a phenomenal week both for participants and for us as we deepen the connections we have and make new ones.   Around the world the Summit attracts over 10 million people in 160 nations. The next several months will be very busy as participants register and we prepare for another jam-packed week of events in various locations around Kigali. I will be sure to keep everyone apprised of the sessions that are being planned. All very exciting!

OUR OTHER PROGRAMS will be posted on social media outlets by Pamela as they happen and will be highlighted here in our newsletters as well. I will give enough information in these newsletters to act as "stories" to be shared widely to bring more interest and people into our sphere.

OUR NEW WEBSITE will be up and running next week! We've had a small snag in our timing as our web designers both got sick the first week of school as they furiously tried to finish our website. Thanks to Ian Opaluch and Sara Petrangelo who gave of their time and expertise (and health) to get the website going. And thank you to all of you who reviewed the content I was amassing. 

I will alert you all when it actually GOES LIVE!

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We are using donation software called Giving Fuel that has many great features:
  • Recurring donations (a great way to increase donations that seems painless to donors)
  • Conditional logic (so if a donation is in honor of someone, it will jump to another page for more info)
  • Text to give mobile donations for every screen and device (This feature will be added shortly)
  • Analytics available to us in excel 
OUR GOAL:  More engagement to a wider audience. We want more people learning about what we are doing, making more connections for us, both here and in Rwanda, and increasing the number of people who support our work. Donations!

Did you know...
People are 3X more likely to donate to an organization if asked by a friend or co-worker?

Two of the many WORKSHOPS IDEA4Africa led this year:
Abari b'i Nyamata Entrepreneurship Workshop 

Abari means daughter. These are the daughters of Nyamata, one of the horrific sites of the genocide. We held a workshop there working with these young women learning how to start their own ventures.
The coop is comprised of 12  women all affected in some way by HIV/AIDs. The group was started in 2013 by Rwandan-born teenager, Celine Mudahakana.  Celine felt compelled to do something more to help and empower others. Certainly something for us to celebrate!
September 19th will be our Interactive Strategy Meeting in Norton.
  • 5 year strategy working session run by the Governance Committee
  • Kick off to our 90 day fundraising plan 
  • More dates for upcoming Board Meetings will be announced as well
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