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Stress Management Training for Managers in-house course

This course is delivered as a virtual, live, interactive session or face-to-face at your premises

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Do you train line managers to manage stress?
It is well recognised that taking a proactive approach to stress management which focuses on early intervention, has far better outcomes for all than having to deal with a problem reactively once it has reached the stage of sickness absence. 

Often, line managers and team leaders are expected to spot signs of stress in those they manage but are provided with neither the skills nor resources to do so, which can understandably result in a lack of confidence to act together with a possible source of workplace stress for themselves.

We have been providing training to organisations up and down the country for over 20 years to help address this knowledge and confidence gap.  Our training is interactive, delivered by experts and can be flexible in both its content and delivery.

"A more 'human' approach to the subject as opposed to a guidance and risk assessment document as a more 'academic' exercise."

Our in-house Stress Management Training for Managers course provides managers with the knowledge, resources and confidence to reduce the risk of stress for those they work with, particularly their teams.
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How will managers benefit from this training?  They will learn:
  • how to meet the legal and HSE compliance responsibilities
  • what stress is and the risk implications for employees and the organisation
  • to identify signs of stress at an early stage
  • how to create the right climate to encourage open discussion about stress
  • to consider how their behaviour impacts the risk of stress
  • frameworks and practical approaches/tools that they can use to facilitate conversations about stress,
  • signposting to additional resources
The course is highly interactive and contains a variety of group and individual exercises, including case studies, scenarios, personal reflection and action planning. Delegates have the opportunity to discuss situations they are confident with and others that challenge them and share best practice strategies for managing and reducing stress.

 “Improved level of awareness. Early detection should also help identify before work performance, or even a person, has negative implications."

The following tools and frameworks are explored and put into practice during the course.  These enable managers to proactively address and resolve workplace stress issues that could lead to stress-related illness and absence:


A framework that managers can use proactively and reactively with employees they have identified or those who have approached them with stress-related issues.

Pressure Profiling

A practical tool for managers to identify pressure sources that are causing or could cause work-related stress.

Creating the Right Climate

Learn how to develop a workplace culture that encourages employees to approach their manager to discuss circumstances and events that could lead to work-related stress.

Who Is This Training Course For?

This training course has been specifically developed to meet the needs of organisations that have recognised the crucial role managers, supervisors and team leaders play in reducing work-related stress.
Location: Our courses can be delivered virtually or in-house at organisations' premises throughout the UK or worldwide via video conferencing platforms.

Duration: 1-day face-to-face course or virtually over two shorter sessions.  We can also deliver a condensed version of this course. 

Format: Face to face delivery or virtual, live session.  Our virtual training is delivered via a video conferencing platform and is fully interactive and engaging.

Group size: Numbers are limited to allow for discussion, sharing experiences, and joint problem-solving in a safe space.  For optimum interaction, we recommend 12 delegates per course.   

"The course was excellent. I rather expected the three hour online session to be dull and exhausting, but actually the delivery, the pace and the mix of different subject focus and activities meant that the session was exceptionally well paced and engaging throughout."

"Very useful training enabling me to take tools back to workplace"

“Excellent, helpful and practical insight to monitor and manage team stress levels”

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If you have questions or would like to discuss our face to face or virtual training, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.
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