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This weeks email includes details about our Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace in-house course
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Overcoming Unconscious Bias: in-house training

Since the Equality Act came into force, most organisations have reviewed the impact on the way that they do business. The Act gives people legal protection from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society but each organisation has to decide which aspects of the legislation are most relevant to its core functions. Although entitled an 'Equality' Act, its provisions actively promote diversity and inclusion by outlawing discrimination. 
This sounds straightforward but as time goes by, it has become clearer that dismantling discrimination cannot be done just by means of legal enforcement. Even if people do not consciously intend to discriminate against individuals, they nevertheless do so because of a lack of awareness of their own biases. This course will help participants to discover for themselves the invisible barriers raised by their own minds and how they can counteract such natural tendencies.  

Key benefits 
  • Provide the organisation with the most advanced approach to equality & diversity workplace issues 
  • Give delegates the opportunity to gain insight into their own unconscious biases and understand how these can be managed effectively within their own roles 
  • Facilitate the human aspects of project management 
  • Help to develop self and organisational awareness skills that can easily be transferred to other aspects of the business 
  • Act as a 'revision' course for equality and diversity issues with the inclusion of the latest developments in legislation, case law and business
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Course Content
  • What exactly is unconscious bias?
  • The role of the brain in cognitive biases
  • The impact on decision-making of unconscious bias   
  • Unconscious bias and equality legislation
  • Turning unconscious bias into an organisational asset  
  • How to reduce unconscious bias at the organisational level 
  • What individuals can do to lessen the impact of their unconscious biases 
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What previous delegates have said:

"This was an excellent course on Unconscious Bias, giving me insight as to how it affects me and my organisation."

"Extremely thought provoking and also ideas to take away especially in terms of measuring progress"

"Realised that some of what I've learnt in the past is counter-productive and it's OK to change my approach."
Who is the course for?​
This course is suitable for all managers and employees.  It is particularly relevant for those in positions of leadership who need to understand hidden factors that contribute to the success or failure of organisational policy and strategy. It will consolidate their experience and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues, acting as a revision course for them if necessary.  
Other managers, particularly those involved in recruitment, selection and promotion, will benefit from time spent analysing their motives in decision-making.  
The course can also be targeted at employees, in particular those who have a front-line customer service role. 
Course Customisation
If the Overcoming Unconscious Bias training course is of interest to you we would be happy to discuss your particular requirements with a view to running a modified or customised version to meet your specific needs.

We can also provide consultancy support in Unconscious Bias and related areas, please contact us for details. 
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