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TL;DR: PyBites Blog Code Challenges (PCCs) are back!!; The PyBites Survey; New Bites of Py Enterprise feature - make your own Bites; Follow us on YouTube; Hacktoberfest.

PyBites Code Challenges are back!

We're so excited to bring back the PyBites Blog Code Challenges that started it all! These are challenges we created to well, challenge, our community. The last challenge we ran was PCC50 back in April.

To kick off the re-launch we're introducing PCC 51: Analyze NBA Data with SQL/sqlite3. Analyse data from a CSV of NBA player stats!

Have a crack and let us know what you think!

Enterprise Subscription Tier: Make Your Own Bites

For the first time ever, CodeChallenges Subscribers can create their own Bites! 
This is great if you want to work on your own Bites as a team. You could also supplement your internal training defining your own exercises and take them on our platform."
If you work with Python, now has never been a better time to get an Enterprise subscription through your employer!

You can see more in our Feature Overview Video!

YouTube Channel

As you can see, we're creating more and more video content. On our road map are videos covering our challenges, instructional videos and miscellaneous Python interest videos.

Head over to the channel and Subscribe to be notified when we upload a new video!

Hacktoberfest is Almost Here!

Hacktoberfest 2018 is only a few weeks away! Get ready to create some Pull Requests when the event kicks off!
We'll take this opportunity to remind you that PRs made against our (PCC) Challenges Repo will count toward your quota ;)

Learn how to create your PRs against our repo in this video.

Share Your Learning!

Learning alone sucks. The greatest part of learning is sharing what you pick up with others. We encourage you to get online, hop into our Slack Community and start sharing what you're up to! Hit us up on Twitter, Message us on Facebook, or Follow us on Instagram! Whatever your poison, get out there, get learning and let us know what you're up to!

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Keep calm and code in Python!

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